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Ashford Handicrafts Hardware and Maintenance

Buying Guide for Ashford Hardware and Maintenance Kits and Supplies

Ashford Handicrafts and Fiber is well known and highly respected as a crafting company focused on quality and excellence. Located in Ashburton, New Zealand, Ashford Handicrafts and Fiber specializes in all things sewing and fabric crafting related. The company is officially known as Ashford Handicrafts. 

The company got its start back in 1934 with Walter Ashford and since then has become one of the most well known and respected experts in tactile equipment and supplies. Known as a world leader they proudly produce the finest quality  spinning wheels, textile equipment, and accessories available on the market today. They also manufacture quality fiber and yarn and other materials to use with their top of the line spinning wheels and equipment. 

When Ashford Handicrafts was started, the country, along with the rest of the world, was in the middle of the Great Depression. However, Walter Ashford knew he still had to give his business idea a try. Unfortunately, the workshop was in Christchurch, New Zealand, which ended up being one of the hardest hit areas in the entire country in terms of the impact the Great Depression had.

At the start, Walter made wooden seats and stools by hand and went door to door selling them to make money. Because of his determination and work ethic, Ashford Handicrafts survived and grew and today has produced more than 900,000 looms and wheels. Ashford Handicrafts products are unlike anything else as they are made with the finest of materials and are made by people who believe in quality over quantity and using eco-friendly materials. Carders, wheels, and looms are made from Silver Beech hardwood and are spruced from Forest Stewardship Council-approved forests. Ashford Handicrafts believes in quality and sustainability, and it shows in every product that they produce.

Ashford Handicrafts Hardware and Maintenance

The best way to get the most out of your Ashford Handicrafts products is to keep them well maintained. Thankfully a range of handy maintenance kits are available on their website for anywhere from $12.00 – $29.50

The following kits can help you keep your Ashford Handicrafts wooden wheels and accessories working well and in tip-top shape:

Ashford Handicrafts Finishing Wax Polish

Keep your tools and equipment clean and well-maintained withAshford Handicrafts’ high quality finishing wax polish. Designed with a simple yet effective formula, this polish will protect your equipment and maximize its efficiency and ease of use.

  • This polish is made with a quick and easy to apply formulation. It is environmentally-friendly, low gloss, and long lasting, making it the only finishing wax polish you will need.
  • Made from beeswax and tree oils, this product is perfect for natural timber like Ashford Handicrafts uses. It can also help clean and  rejuvenate older wood to keep well-loved lacquered products looking great. 
  • Simply apply  the product with a soft rag, steel wool or Scotchbrite to coat the surface of the wood.Then simply buff out to work the oils into the wood for a stunning finish.
  •  No other finish is required. Non-flammable, non-toxic. 75gms.

Ashford Handicrafts Maintenance tools

Ensure your spinning wheel and accessories hold up to wear and tear and frequent use with the Ashford Handicrafts maintenance kit. It has all the supplies you need to do basic maintenance and repairs on your equipment. 

  • Keep your spinning wheel in tip-top shape and extend its life-span by protecting it and guarding against excessive wear and tear damages.
  • The kit gives you 15ml special lubricating oil, threading hook, tension spring, flyer hooks, leather  connector and clip, brake and drive bands.
  • On the go maintenance and repairs are easy with quality products on hand and the quality guarantee of Ashford Handicrafts.
  • Prevent little issues from becoming major issues by utilizing this maintenance kit to keep your spinning wheel in great shape, use after use.

Ashford Handicrafts Spinning Wheel Oil

Keep your wheels spinning smoothly and easily with the Ashford Handicrafts high-quality oil. Conveniently packaged and formulated, this oil is designed to protect your equipment and  keep it beautiful and functional.

  • Oil is specially formulated for quiet and effortless use.
  • Transparent 15ml – 1/2 oz squeeze bottle.
  • Easy application to hard-to-reach areas with a 32mm – 1 1/4′ blunt needle applicator.
  • The oil is registered as safe and non-toxic and won’t stain or discolor.
  • The bottles are sealed and stored in a small grip bag for added security and convenience durie storage or transport.
  • Oils are included in the Ashford Handicrafts maintenance kits and this is a handy replacement option to ensure you never run out.

When you want the very best in textile equipment, supplies, and accessories, there is only one name to trust- Ashford Handicrafts.

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