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Best place to buy yarn in australia

Yarn is a staple in the homes of many crafters. You can use it to knit, crochet, weaving, and so much more. However, you don’t want to spend too much, and you also want a quality yard that will withhold the test of time. This is why “Where can I buy good quality yarn” is such a common question among crafters. 

Yarn Buying Guide 

Before answering where can I buy good quality yarn, you should first understand what you should look for when purchasing yarn, and this quick yarn buying guide can help. 

Types of Yarn 

Firstly, you should understand that there are different types of yarn that are graded based on weight. The lightest weight of yarn is lace, which you’ll want if you make doilies and other similar projects. It’s category zero, which is one ply. Categories one through three are super fine, fine, and light. These are often used to make socks and children’s garments. 

Category four is medium and includes plies eight through 10. Knitters and crocheters commonly use it because of its durability. Typically, people use it to make sweaters and mittens. 

Categories five and six are the bulkier yarns. These are ideal for projects you want to complete quickly or are using a large needle to create. 


Yarn is made from plants or animals in many cases. You may also find synthetic yarn. When it’s from animals, it’s usually from sheep or goats. Some examples of plant-based yarns include cotton and lyocell. Synthetics include nylon and rayon. There really isn’t an answer to which type of yarn is best. It all depends on your preferences and the use of it. For instance, plant-based yarns are better for the environment due to their sustainability. On the other hand, wool yarn is better if you’re a beginner. It’s easy to use and very versatile. 

A Guide to Buying Yarn Online 

Buying yarn online is slightly different from going to the store. However, it may benefit you in a variety of ways. 

Benefits of Buying Online 

First and foremost, it’s simpler to find a store that carries the yarn you need when you search for the best places to buy yarn online. You can find the rarer yarns because online sellers tend to have a larger selection than what you find in stores. You can also choose to buy everything you need from one online store rather than travel to several stores until you find what you need. This saves you time. You might possibly able to save money as well. You may purchase varieties of yarn online that aren’t available in stores. These are the yarn types that are rarely purchased, so stores won’t buy them. 

Like with anything you buy online, the convenience of internet shopping can’t be beaten. You have no commute time besides the time it takes to get to your laptop or even phone. You don’t have to pay for gas, sit in traffic, or deal with crowded shops. 

How to Buy Online 

Start by performing a search for the best place to buy yarn online. Since it’s online, you don’t even need to choose somewhere locally as long as they can ship it to you. You may need to look at various stores to find the type of yarn you need. 

Often, websites make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for with little hassle. For instance, you can search for the type and category of yarn you want using a search bar. You just type in the specifications you’re looking for, and you’ll receive various search results that you can choose between. 

On the other hand, certain stores allow for you to narrow down your search results, possibly by category, material, cost, and color. 


Ideally, if you’re in Australia and are wondering “Where can I buy good quality yarn?” you want to stick with online retailers in the country. When you ship from other countries, you oftentimes have a higher shipping cost and take longer to reach you. 

The price you pay for shipping varies based on how much you spend and how the retailer is shipping the items. You may find deals that include free shipping as long as you spend a certain amount.  

From the yarn buying guide, you learned how to buy yarn and even the best place to buy yarn online. Now, you’ll even be able to determine where I can buy good quality yarn online. 


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