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How can we recycle old yarn

If you love to knit, you probably have old yarn, yarn scraps or half-finished yarn projects lying around that didn’t turn out the way you wanted and need to be undone. This yarn is still good, but you’re probably wondering “What can I do with old yarn?” Can it be recycled? Unfortunately, yarn isn’t one of the items you can simply throw into the recycling bin and have it reconstituted into new yarn. Old yarn is, however, usable, and shouldn’t simply be tossed out. What can we do with old yarn? 

Donate It!

Rather than discarding old yarn, give it away so someone else can benefit from it. Partial skeins of yarn can be donated to local charities or thrift shops to be used by others. Like the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That old skein could be just what someone else is looking for to complete a special project. 

Another idea is to convert that old yarn or yarn scraps into something useful to donate or sell at a charity function like knitted baby hats, prayer shawls, knitted coasters, etc. By contacting a few local charities, you can get a better idea of how your leftover yarn can be put to use for a good cause. 

Make Creative Gifts

With a little ingenuity, you can come up with all kinds of ways to “recycle” old yarn to put it to good use. If you’ve been collecting yarn scraps for a while, you probably have a little of this and that stored in a bin or plastic bag just waiting for inspiration to hit. Why not use that yarn to create innovative gifts for family and friends? Here are a few yarn waste recycling ideas to help you get started.

Plant Hangers For the plant lover on your list, knit beautiful, custom-made plant hangers for their home. Plant hangers are easy to make out of small amounts of yarn, enabling you to create something attractive and useful with your old yarn. There’s nothing like fresh greenery to brighten up an indoor environment. Plant hangers make it easy for loved ones to bring the outdoors in to embellish their home. 

Glass Cozies — Knit some attractive glass cozies as gifts or for your own personal use. In addition to adding color to your water, juice or wine glasses, cozies make it easier to hold onto your glass, reducing your risk of dropping it to the floor.

Eyeglass Holders — Have friends who misplace their eyeglasses every time they take them off? Resolve that problem by knitting them an eyeglass holder. This thoughtful gift can be crafted in their favorite color or colors that match their living room or bedroom décor. Your friends will appreciate having a special place to put their eyewear when not in use, so they can find them quickly when the time comes. 

Yarn Tassels — Tassels make great decorations for parties or special holidays. If you like to entertain, consider knitting some tassels out of yarn scraps to add to your party décor. Red and green tassels would look great in a Christmas garland while gold, silver and blue could be combined for a New Year’s Eve party. Throwing a kids’ party? Knit tassels in the birthday boy or girl’s favorite color to add a festive touch to your party décor.

Doll Accessories — Speaking of kids, got a child or grandchild in the family who loves playing with dolls? Surprise him or her with some trendy knitted doll clothes or even a wig out of old yarn. What could be better than using colorful yarn scrapes to brighten a child’s life? 

Pompom Rug — If you’re feeling more artistic, whip up some pompoms with leftover yarn to create a charming DIY pompom rug. Imagine digging your toes into a soft, warm, fuzzy pompom rug on a cold, winter day. You can choose colors that blend in with your surrounding décor or colors that stand out, making your rug a focal point in your setting. Either way, you’ll have a finished product you can brag about for years to come. 

These are just a few ways to “recycle” old yarn so that it doesn’t go to waste in your home. If you’ve been discarding leftover yarn before, now’s a good time to stop! It only takes a little imagination to create attractive, practical items for yourself or others with leftover yarn from other projects. What can we do with old yarn? Much more than you thought! 


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