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When it comes to finding inspiration for knitting projects, look no further than a knitting book. Whether it be picking up a needle or picking up some yarn, a knitting book allows you to explore your imagination (or allows you to simply look at some great designs). With this being said, here’s a look at the Best books for knitting and the Best knitting books for beginners

Buying Guide for Knitting Books

Before we delve into what knitting books to buy, there are a few key factors to consider:
  – Before you splurge on several different knitting books, it’s important to purchase books that are within your range of ability. There’s nothing wrong with optimism when buying an advanced book, but practicing will be considerably difficult. Buying a book that fits your skill level is your best bet.
  – If you are purchasing the eReader version of the knitting book, brush up on the ratings before purchasing. This is due to the fact that there may be glitches with the book or you’ll have to update your eReader app in order to read it.
  – When shopping for knitting books online, take time when reading about the book before purchasing. Verify the credibility as most replicas will have missing pages or inaccurate information.
  – If you are purchasing a book based on charts or graphics, make sure that it is presented in a style that allows convenient viewing.
  – Do not overspend. Just because the book costs more, doesn’t mean that it’s better. Try to remain on your budget.

The Classics 

Before we begin, a few classics that should already be in your possession are:

Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book is a staple among individuals who knit. Her well-documented skills have produced several books that have been regarded as the best for hobby and professional knitters alike.

Long story short: Knitting Workshop helps one understand what the phrase “I’m knitting” actually means in the knitting community.

As far as the basics of knitting, Elizabeth’s book explains Elizabeth’s Percentage System (EPS),  which is applied to equal isles, cables, lace, knit garter stitch, drop shoulder pieces, yoke pieces, and knit pieces. In addition to this, one will find many useful patterns – in addition to patterns that are fun to knit. The popular favorite is “the baby” pattern, which is in addition to other sketches. That’s right, you’ll learn how to knit as well as draw.

This book is suitable for experienced knitters as well as being one of the best knitting books for beginners. Covering flat knitting, circular knitting, and several how-to’s, it is written in a simple, straightforward manner that anyone can pick up – no matter what their skill level may be.

The Knowledgeable Knitter by Margaret Radcliffe

Simply put, this book is for anyone and everyone who wants to knit. This book contains unique toy patterns, patterns for the home, and designs for skirts.

Pattern Modifying by Nancy Marchant 

Nancy Marchant is a brioche master who reveals secrets about the elusive tuck stitch, which is known as a reversible stitch. In this book there are 90 original tuck stitches, which, in addition to countless designs, encourage you to develop your own designs. Nancy’s book is a beautiful and well-designed delight.

This book also touches on Nancy’s life in the Netherlands, where she first discovered the brioche stitch in 1976. This is the moment when she fell in love with brioche knitting – and documented this in several knitting magazines.

Best Knitting Books 2021

Some of the best knitting books that came out for 2021 so far are:

Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible: 260 Exquisite Patterns by Hitomi Shida

This book offers unique variations and patterns on just about every stitch. If you’re an advanced knitter, this book is perfect if you’re looking for new, innovative ideas. The detailed diagrams and step by step patterns make this book the ultimate find for advanced knitters.

100 Knits: Interweave’s Ultimate Pattern Collection

Regardless if you’re a professional or a beginner, 100 Knits is the ultimate collection. Whether it be a hat, a tank, tees, cardigans, or other patterns, this book will improve your skills and enhance your creativity.

Slow Knitting by Hannah Thiessen

This book will make one want to pare down, step back, and enjoy the art of knitting. Suitable for advanced, intermediates, and one of the best knitting books for beginners, Slow Knitting touches on the foundations of slow knitting: experimenting fearlessly, exploring openly, sourcing carefully, making thoughtful decisions, and thinking environmentally.


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