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Organic yarn suppliers in australia

Green is life for anyone who wants to help protect the environment, and we aren’t talking about the color green. Chartreuse definitely wasn’t what we’re referring to. We’re actually referencing the endless trend of using products that are environmentally friendly to help protect the environment. Fortunately, yarn is one of the products. Now, let’s discuss the answer to where I can get organic yarn in Australia.

What Does Organic Mean 

Organic fabrics come from completely natural. When the plants for the fabric are grown, they don’t have any pesticides in them. They’re grown without any artificial enhancers as well. 

Additionally, organic yarn doesn’t deplete the soil of the nutrients it requires to thrive. Typically, a grower will plant cotton in certain areas. Once picked, growers will replant cotton into those spots. This is bad for the environment because it’s taking away from the next crop. Organic crops are rotated, so the soil has time to replenish itself and each crop is healthy and strong. 

Organic Cotton 

You may notice a difference in the quality of your organic cotton yarn in Australia because of its growing process, which is one of the benefits. However, it doesn’t stop there. You’ll feel good knowing that you chose organic cotton over non-organic cotton. For one, you’ll know that there were never any chemical-based fertilizers or pesticides used on your cotton yard, nor did the farmer use any unnatural fertilizers. 

With cotton crops, the farmers tend to use transitional crops like rye or clover. These crops help to stabilize the soil and don’t deplete it the way cotton crops grown in the same area do. The crops also prevent the nutrients from running off. Fortunately, you’ll have a variety of places that answer the question to where I can get organic yarn in Australia for cotton. 

Soysilk Yarn

Soysilk Yarn is a bit unique. It’s a registered trademark of South West Trading Company. Rather than silk from animals — we’ll explain why it’s bad in a minute — it comes from a natural material that’s renewable. Plus, it’s 100-percent natural. The reason why this silk is so special is that silkworms tend to produce silk. They’re raised on farms so that growers can remove their cocoons. 

Unfortunately, the number of silkworms that are allowed to reach maturity is limited. At almost all farms, growers stop the lifecycle before the silkworm is allowed to complete metamorphosis. 

With soysilk, it’s completely plant based. Therefore, there aren’t any animals involved in the process. Plus, manufacturers usually mix this with other fabrics to make them softer, yet durable. In comparison to silk, it’s easier to care for, such as being machine washable. 

Bamboo Yarn

Besides organic cotton yarn in Australia, you can also find bamboo yarn. It has numerous benefits that make it a top choice for organic crafting products. Fortunately, many of the best organic yarn suppliers in Australia offer it for this reason. 

For one, bamboo is highly sustainable. It’s the most rapidly growing plant in the entire world. It has a luxurious feeling, is super absorbent, and is highly durable. In fact, this material is much more absorbent than regular cotton and organic cotton. 

Flax Yarn

Flax is a plant. It has a long history of use. Growers who are dedicated to growing organic flax don’t use any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. It also doesn’t have any hormones that enhance its growth. 

Fortunately, the result is a strong fabric that endures the washing cycle well. It’s also rather shiny and makes an excellent yarn for summer items. 

Hemp Yarn

Hemp comes from the cannabis sativa plant. The hemp plants don’t come from the same plant as the marijuana plant. This plant is sustainable because it grows quickly. The plant is naturally resistant to mold and insects, so there’s no need for all the chemical protection. In addition, it also resists the weather well. 

You’ll notice that when you use it, that it’s strong and durable. It holds up well in the sun, so you could easily make a blanket to lay out on without worrying that’ll fade and wear out. Plus, manufacturers can blend this yarn with other materials. That means hemp can be used for a range of quality of materials. You can even use hemp-based products since there still mold resistant after it becomes yarn. 

If you want to know where I can get organic yarn in Australia like the aforementioned types, you can search online or visit your local fabric and art starts. Either will have organic yarn to complete your yarn projects with. Certain ones rank as the best organic yarn suppliers in Australia.

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