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Where we can buy silk fiber yarn in australia

Yarn isn’t all the same. It’s available in different materials and weights, which vary based on the type of project you want to create. One option is silk. Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to find silk fiber yarn in Australia. However, you should understand why this yarn is beneficial, if there are different kinds, and where the best places to get it are — basically a short silk fiber yarn buying guide in Australia. 

Benefits of Silk 

When you search “silk yarn buying guide Australia,” you probably want to know why you would go through the hassle of searching for silk yarn. Silk is a smooth type of yarn, known for creating luxuriously soft pieces. You’ll notice that it drapes easily and will withstand the test of time. In fact, in terms of strength, silk is said to be close to the same strength as steel wool. 

Fortunately, this material is flame retardant, so you can use it for clothing, even nightwear safely. It’s a breathable fabric, so you may use it to make bedding or clothing. Plus, silk absorbs perspiration; therefore, you or whoever you make anything for won’t have sweat stains. 

Types of Silk Yarn 

What’s a silk fiber yarn buying guide in Australia without discussing the types of silk yarn available. The four most common types of silk yarn include mulberry, tussar, muga, and eri. Each one has slightly different traits, so you’ll need to conduct your research first before you make a purchase. Muga, tussar, and mulberry are more similar to thread. On the other hand, eri is made from spinning short fibers into yarn. 


Muga silk is natural fiber from Assam in India. This yarn comes from A. assamensis endemic silkworms. In its natural form, it’s a golden color. You’ll notice that it shimmers and is glossy. At one point in time, this type of silk yarn was only royalty. Fortunately, today, it’s used by both royalty and non-royalty.


Tussar silk comes from China, specifically from the larvae of silkworms, such as the A yamai, A. roylei, A pernyi, and A. assamensis. These silkworms consume the native plant life in South Asia. Once the worm eats enough nourishment, it creates a cocoon for metamorphosis that consists of silk. Silk harvesters remove the cocoon and use its fibers to make thread, yarn, and products. 


Mulberry silk ranks as the finest silk in the entire world, and it originates in China. The silkworms are Bombyx mori moths and only receive Mulberry leaves, which is why the silk is so smooth and luxurious. Just like other forms of silk, this one is derived from the natural fibers of the cocoon of these worms. 


Eri silk comes from Japan and China. Its name holds significance. In Assamese, it means “era,” which translates to “castor” since these silkworms only consume castor plants. These silkworms are domesticated and are the only ones that are left to go through metamorphosis before the cocoon is harvested.

Where to Buy Silk Yarn in Australia 

Silk is much easier to come by nowadays than it was in the past with so many companies that collect silk and spin it into yarn. However, it’s still a complicated and lengthy process to manufacture it naturally, so you’ll notice that the costs reflect this. 

When you’re buying, you can perform a simple internet search for silk yarn in Australia. You’ll find results for companies that manufacture this kind of yarn. You’ll notice multiple companies that sell the yarn and ship it. You should make sure the company you choose ships it to your area. 

Additionally, before you place an order, make sure it’s the type of silk you want since each one is a bit different from one another. You also want to compare the yarn based on its weight, which will have a profound effect on your final product.

You can find silk yarn in stores as well. You should check out your local fabric or craft supply store to see what they have available. This could be beneficial if this is your first time purchasing silk. 

Silk is known for its opulence. The material soft against your skin, and any receipt of a silk item will be more than happy you made it for them. Fortunately, you can find silk both in stores and online. Either location will run you a bit of money, but in the end, it’ll increase the appeal of your shirt, scarf, or whatever item you made out of it. 


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