At Yarn Trader we are passionate about bringing you the best in locally made yarns and accessories as well as carefully curated natural fibre yarns from around the world.
We run a range of classes and workshops from those looking to start their yarn crafting journey through to confident crafters looking to add new techniques

The whole of Yarn Trader HQ is a space where crafters are encouraged to come and make at all times. We also have a dedicated space designed to comfortably host classes, workshops, exhibitions and events.

At Yarn Trader we believe that your local yarn store should be a leader in stopping discrimination and promoting inclusion within the craft community. We are often the main point of connection for crafters, we host groups and run classes, we reach many of you with our social media accounts and newsletters, and we have economic power in deciding what to , who to promote and who to work with. These are our commitments to you.

We welcome everyone to Yarn Trader, in person or online. We will acknowledge you all.

We will make decisions about what we stock based on diversity and inclusion.

We will make decisions on who we work with and promote based on diversity and inclusion

We will not be silent when we hear, read of see words or actions that margionalize others. It is not acceptable in our store, in our online space or anywhere else.

We will always be asking ourselves and our community, can we be doing more and doing it better.

If you would like to discuss our commitments in more detail then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tanya and the Yarn Trader Team