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Wooden Yarn Bowl Buying Guide

Good quality yarn and a super quality yarn bowl are brilliant combinations for an enjoyable and fun-filled knitting or crocheting experience. Buying yarn shouldn’t be a challenge because Yarn Traders is there for you. But knowing how to choose the perfect yarn bowl could be a challenge. That’s why we made this guide for you. Dig in and enjoy!

What is a yarn bowl?

A yarn bowl is a circular container with a swirl on its side to keep your yarn in place and clean. It gives you peace of mind while working because it prevents your yarn ball from rolling across the floor. The thread stays organized to provide you with the perfect knit. 

Yarn bowls are made from various materials, such as: 

  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Aluminum Metal
  • Wood

Some yarn bowls may have holes.

Why are there holes?

Here are some reasons for the holes in yarn bowls.

  • You can place your needles when you aren’t knitting.
  • The holes make it easy to work with more than yarn because you can thread each one through the gap. And you can make Fair Isle, Intarsia, or stranded knitting designs.
  • The yarn stays in the yarn container even if it gets smaller. 

What size yarn bowl is best

Yarn bowls come in many sizes to allow different skein sizes or yarn ball dimensions. You can find yarn bowls with medium sizes of about 5-6″ in diameter and 3″ in height. It’s possible to get small bowls measuring nearly 2-3″ high and 4″ thick. But large bowls measure between 6-8″ in width and 4-5″ tall. 

How do you choose the size? First, consider the standard yarns in your local store. For example, we supply a wide range of strings ranging from Australian, baby, hand-dyed to fiber yarn, and more. 

Next, calculate the thickest area of the yarn. Use the measurement to purchase a yarn bowl with a larger width than the biggest yarn ball. It allows the skein to move in the bowl without any obstacles. 

The yarn bowl should have a thick base to prevent overturning when a large and heavy yarn ball moves inside. Besides having holes, the yarn bowl needs to have an outlet to pass through. 

If you buy a wooden yarn bowl, make sure the opening is smooth. It protects the yarn against fraying. Any rough corners can tear your beautiful yarn and spoil your work. 

Also, be sure to buy one with high walls or collars to stop the ball from rolling out.

Benefits of using a wooden yarn bowl

Here are some reasons to use a yarn bowl when you crochet:

  • Yarn bowls are pieces of beautiful art. You can use filled or empty ones to decorate your home interior. 
  • They can keep your project when you’re not crocheting or knitting.
  • Yarn bowls make your yarn stay clean and stop it from gathering pet fur or dust and rolling across the room.
  • If you’ve got cats or dogs, your yarn can become an animal toy. But with a yarn bowl, you can keep the pets away.
  • There’s no need to worry when knitting outside because your work is safe in the bowl.
  • Imagine zig-zagging all over the room, running after yarn! Annoying and time-consuming. A yarn bowl gives you the freedom to make your patterns without these problems.
  • You can work anywhere in your house as the bowl is portable.
  • Use the yard bowl as storage for small items, like keys.
  • It improves your knitting and crochet experience and makes it satisfying.
  • You can effortlessly reach out to the yarn bowl regardless of where you place it.
  • They make your hobby attractive.

How to choose a yarn bowl

What size yarn bowl is best. Here are more tips for choosing a perfect yarn bowl:

  • Do you want a ceramic, metal, plastic, or wooden yarn bowl?
  • The edges where the yarn passes through must be smooth.
  • High walls
  • Consider the quantity of yarn you want the bowl to hold.
  • There are many different designs, such as standard or classic styles. Some bowls have paintings of text or flowers.
  • Pick a bowl with a wide diameter.
  •  A yarn bowl with a broad, flat base and heavy is much better. 
  •  It must have an exit to thread the yarn from the top.

The type of yarn bowl material, the yarn size, and more determine what size yarn bowl is best.

Where can I buy yarn for my yarn bowl? 

Yarn Trader has a vast collection of top-class yarn to meet all your knitting or crocheting needs. Located in Port Adelaide, South Australia, it supplies natural fibers, local and Australian-made yarns, and accessories. Head to the product page and see what we can offer you. 

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