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Yarn craft studio in australia

There is so much one can learn about yarn. The history of yarn craft is a long and interesting one. To start this great hobby, it will be smart to get some background information on the topic before choosing the best craft studio of knitting yarn to work from.

Yarn Made From Plant Fibers

Many materials can be used to make yarn. Cotton is the most popular plant fiber used in yarn production.  After picking the flowers of a cotton plant, a cotton gin helps workers to create the fiber that will become yarn. Cotton yarn is used to make most mainstream textiles. A mechanical weaver makes cloth from the fibers on which cotton is spun into a fine but strong yarn on a large loom. Some less mainstream plant fibers that people use to create yarn include but are not limited to hemp, bamboo, corn, soy and nettle.

Synthetic Yarn 

Polyester is the second most popular fiber spun in the world. Polyester is created using the polymers of natural gas and oil. The polymers are made into a gel which is then extruded into strands while hot. It is then stretched and hardened, making a usable synthetic yarn. This process is known ironically as spinning, but it is a completely different process from the actual traditional spinning of plant and animal fibers on a loom.

Animal and Other Natural Fibers

The most popular thing under this category is fibers collected from sheep that is processed into woolen yarn.This is the go-to for most hand knitters. Other natural materials that are commonly used to make yarn include acrylic, alpaca, cashmere, silk, and rabbit. More rarely, yarn can really be spun from any type of animal hair, fur or feather, even human hair or cat fur for example. Humans have been known to create yarn from practically any hairy or feathered creature with not much being off limits: yaks, opossums, dogs, bison, chinchilla, turkey or ostrich are all possibilities. Animal fibers are known to be more breathable and stretchy as well as very warm. 


Because yarn fibers decompose so easily, it is very difficult, impossible even, for archeologists and historians to create an accurate timeline of the history of yarn production and yarn craft. It is generally agreed upon, however, that yarn craft must have originated in the Middle East as the earliest form of spinning and weaving a long long time ago. This early form of weaving was in the form of knitted garments. Synthetic yarn fibers were not introduced until much later in the 1950’s which made mass production of knit goods faster and more efficient at that time. 


Computer programs now provide people with more access to interesting patterns, convenience in the ability to download them, and a variety of new and creative ideas to explore, ideas that knitters did not have access to in the past.. People use social media and other platforms to connect with others and in the knitting world it is no different. Internet access makes it easy to share patterns, ideas, and the best yarn craft studio to work in. The internet allows knitters the ability to connect and share their interests with one another through virtual knitting circles, an idea that exploded during the pandemic lockdowns. As our world becomes more digitally connected, yarn craft will adapt with it.


Knitting is very much associated with wholesome women in our culture. It undeniably brings to mind grandmothers and other women, both young and old, that have held families together with their caretaking and feminine gender roles. A knitted scarf or hat says,” I am loved,” maybe more than any other hand-made object. More recently also, yarn craft has demanded a space in the dialog of modern art, outside of the realm of the craft category, such as  when modern fabric artists install large public knitted works like tree sweaters or other gallery rooms. 

Get Started

There is no time like right now to get started. Finding the best yarn craft studio will guarantee a successful endeavor while connecting you to the yarn crafting community at large. Now that we have covered all of these great facts about yarn, you can choose what the best yarn craft studio in Australia is and where to connect to other knitters at a yarn craft studio in Australia, one that is relevant to your needs. 


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